A Brief History of the Bethany Church Library

       After completion of the Educational Building in 1952, the first person known to be in charge of our library was Lillie Gunnarson. Then Etna Freeburg took over, followed by Inez Esping. Irene Bengtson and Ann Ylander shared the responsibility for a while, and Charlotte Ternstrom is the senior member of the library committee now. Books were kept in the church from the earliest days. The collection, first called the "Sunday School Library", was housed in a bookcase in what is now the Pioneer Room.

       In 1952 a small room by the office was set aside for the library until a later renovation in the 70s provided a classroom upstairs with shelving for the adult library and children's books. Our present space has been in Trinity Hall since 1995. In 2011 the children's library was reorganized. We acquired new books and placed the whole collection on the rolling book cart now located in Fellowship Hall.

Article written by CHARLOTTE TERNSTROM